Coca Cola Talking Cannabis Drinks with Aurora

Bru-nO / Pixabay

Serious talks are on between Coke and Aurora Cannabis that would see these two corporations working together to develop Coca Cola cannabis drinks. Cheers everyone!

This is according to BNN Bloomberg. They claim that Coca Cola is really interested in developing drinks infused with cannabidiol or CDB.

There is a difference between this deal and those of cannabis and alcohol producers – Coke isn’t looking to make a “buzz” cannabis drink.

Instead, these two giants are looking to create a drink that would calm the system by easing pains and inflammation.

According to the news source, the negotiations are far advanced. Coca-Cola is not commenting on the deal, but CBD is increasingly more acceptable and interesting to businesses and average consumers, so naturally, they want a piece of the action.

Although decisions have not been made yet, the talks between the Aurora and Coca Cola are still ongoing. Of course, nothing is etched in stone that an agreement will result.

We just never know, but will keep you posted.