Clearview AI Stops Facial-Recognition Services in Canada


American firm Clearview AI stops its facial-recognition services in Canada, according to the federal privacy commissioner. This is in response to an investigation that includes the province of Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Clearview AI has technology that’s been able to collect images from numerous sources, which help various clients, like police forces and financial institutions, among others, identify people.

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The investigation followed media reports that questioned whether Clearview AI is collecting and using personal information without consent.

It came under scrutiny early in 2020 when it boasted about having collected billions of photos from the internet to help feed its facial recognition app.

According to CBC News, Clearview AI is NOT giving Canadians the option to ask for their pictures to be deleted, unlike in other countries. But, the company is QUIETLY allowing Canadians to check if they appear in their massive image database.