City Building Inspectors Publish List of Montreal’s Worst Landlords


Canadians might be really good people in the eyes of the world, but we have our share of shady people too. We even have our share of bad landlords in Montreal.

According to the Montreal inspectors, there are quite a few that have been fined for unsanitary housing. These deliquent landlords have had their names listed on the city’s website to shame them.

Maybe by shaming them they’ll change. Maybe not.

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However, the list of Montreal’s worst landlords does NOT include all cases of the 19 boroughs. So, that means there are lots more of these landlords around town.

In order to improve the situation of unsafe housing in town, the city will also be able to fine landlords as soon as issues arise! And that’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, anyone looking to rent an apartment can browse a database of extermination completed on units for bed bug hot spots.

And, if that’s not enough, Mayor Plante’s administration is going to triple the number of housing inspections it completes in the coming years.

Their action plan is a 4-year plan that promises to complete over 30,000 inspections by the fall of next year.

The number of city inspectors grew from 10 to 23 and new technology also helps speed up the process of inspecting buildings.

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