Cities are Looking to Hire Ethical Hackers to Fight Ransomware


If you have the skills of a qualified hacker, then you’re hired!

Ethical hackers are becoming a popular go-to for cities and organizations when it comes to fighting ransomware attacks. When a ransomware attack occurs, it can freeze an organization’s software and be unlockable only when a ransom is paid.

ethical hackers

White-hat or ethical hackers come into play because they know the same tricks used in ransomware and use their knowledge to prevent attacks. Cities are becoming more serious about the potential of ransomware attacks following two in Atlanta and Baltimore in the last week.

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Halifax recently put out an ad for an ethical hacker to test the IT systems and prevent future attacks. The ethical hackers check systems by staging their own attacks to reveal weak spots. While ethical hackers can help, cities and organizations recognize that users also have to take responsibility.