Cheap Mobile Phone Plans are About to Become a Reality


Better cell service for cheaper coming soon. Apparently, the Trudeau government is working to make plans much more appealing to Canadians. 

The Government of Canada is looking out for your cell phone usage and your bank account. A new decision will help you purchase cheap mobile phone plans at a lower cost and get better coverage.

New rules were announced on Wednesday, which say the 43% of the 600-megahertz wireless spectrum will be auctioned off next year. So, you will be able to purchase coverage outside of Canada’s three main providers: Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

Cheap Mobile Phone Plans

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The auction will promote competition, which is great for advancing technology and saving you money. The frequencies in the 600 MHz band work well for transmitting signals over long distances and passing easily through large buildings, meaning they’re ideal for both rural and city life.

The auction is set to take place in March 2019, so stay tuned!