A 7-Story Loop Chaos Roller Coaster is Coming to La Ronde


La Ronde is bringing in a new source of excitement. And it comes right in time for the 2019 season: the biggest amusement park in Quebec will open a new loop roller coaster called Chaos. (Photo credit: Six Flags/La Ronde)

This is a coaster for anyone who loves riding forward and backward while being upside down for quite some time.

The exciting new ride will include a 7-story loop where riders will swing back and forth, going higher until they are thrust into a collection of fun turns.

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Just for an added touch of surprise, the coaster changes direction halfway through the ride and leaves riders upside down atop a 70-foot loop.

Each ride on Chaos will hold 24 people who will sit in a special face-to-face configuration. They’ll experience a 360 degree turn as the coaster car reverses mid-ride.

La Ronde’s President, Janine Durette, says:

Chaos delivers a unique and exhilarating roller coaster experience.

Leave your hats on the ground when you make your way onto the Chaos roller coaster in the spring of 2019.

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