Celine Dion Establishes CÉLINUNUNU Clothing Line


Canada’s pride and joy, Celine Dion, has entered into a partnership with NUNUNU designers, Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, to produce a gender-neutral kid’s clothing line.

The clothing line, to be called CÉLINUNUNU, is designed to promote freedom of spirit and equality while also providing a platform for education.

Dion announced the clothing brand first through a video trailer followed by a full-length video in which she danced around a maternity ward.

She went on to remove all gender-identifying characteristics of the babies there and replaced them with the new brand’s colors and logo.

The clothing line will offer a wide variety of blankets, shoes, tops, bottoms and dresses for babies and children.

Instead of using pink, blue and other identifying colors, the line uses a lot of neutral hues and patterns involving stars, skulls, the alphabets and even phrases.

One of the purposes of the clothing line is to help children explore the realities of gender roles.