More Catholic Churches for Sale to Be Converted into Stunning Homes


In this case it’s the Saint-Jerome Diocese that’s facing the closures. But Catholic churches everywhere are dealing with financial difficulties and dwindling worshipers. 

The Saint-Jerome Catholic diocese north of Montreal is considering closing up to 33 of its 54 churches, but parishioners are not standing for it. The diocese says an official announcement about the closings, which are a result of low attendance, will be made in June.

The diocese claims the combination of dwindling attendance and demanding maintenance are to blame for the potential closures, as many parishes are bankrupt.

It’s not only the Saint-Jerome diocese that is struggling. About 500 places of worship have been closed, repurposed or sold since 2003, and about 40 have closed every year since 2011.

Catholic Churches for Sale to Be Converted into Homes and Condos

Some larger churches are converted into beautiful condominiums, as they often maintain their stunning architectural details and convert the interiors into separate units, like the above converted church located at 315 Prince Arthur Street W. in Montreal.

Catholic Churches for Sale
Other, smaller churches, are converted into homes.

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Catholic Churches for Sale
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Parishioners are not backing down without a fight and have been trying to raise Sunday mass attendance to demonstrate community involvement in the issue.

Though there are worries about the effect closures will have on the faith, many believe the Catholic faithful will find a way to adjust.

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