Prepare for a Caterpillar Invasion in Montreal this Year!


Do you love caterpillars and what they’re going to turn into? Well, then get ready to have them in and around your home in a major infestation expected in Montreal this year.

Caterpillar Invasion in Montreal

Tent caterpillars are native to Canada and are known for showing up during the Spring and making themselves at home in your house. These insects were commonly found in Ontario and Quebec ever since the 1930s, but now they’ve expanded their reach and are showing up all over Canada.

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The truth is that while the outbreaks are common, then caterpillars are bad for our homes and trees.

“They specialize on the new, fresh leaves. You know, that first big green flush of leaves that you see on birch and maple trees. That real first hint of spring, that’s when they are getting ready to feed,” said Dr. Roe.

These caterpillars have caused massive defoliation throughout history and they’ve got Saskatoon residents worried. We’ll have to depend on birds and rodents to keep the outbreaks under control!