Ontario Couple Paid $3,000 For Imported Puppy That Died A Week Later!

A woman from Ontario, Canada spent $3,000 to import a puppy from South Korea, only to have to put it down a week after its arrival and $2000 worth of vet bills! That’s a total of $5,000! After conducting a months long search for this specific breed online for months, Jennifer Durocher and her husband […]

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Pet Bird Dangers – Be Diligent Before Letting Your Bird Out

One of the joys of having a pet bird are interacting with it outside its cage, but there are many pet bird dangers at home. Some things that we take for granted might actually kill a bird or at least injure it. Toilets, tubs, sinks, and even pans filled with water that attract your pet […]

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7 Things Your Cat Would Tell You If She Could

Could you imagine a world where your cat could talk! These are 7 things your cat would tell you if she could. 1.You think you’re the boss, but I am. Unlike dogs, I make decisions as to when I want to be with you. 2. I enjoy my own space and I choose it. It’s […]

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National Pet Salon Coming to Montreal Soon!

If you’re passionate about dogs of different breeds, cats, and even exotic species, then SNAC or the National Pet Salon in Montreal, is where you need to be this November. Unique with its activities and animal variety, the SNAC in Montreal is the only place in Quebec can discover its awesome shows and competitions. No […]

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After 2 Dog Deaths, IKEA Canada Recalls Pet Water Dispenser

If you have purchased a LURVIG water dispenser in Canada between October of 2017 and July 2018, for your dog or cat, CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY. While there haven’t been any incidents reported here in Canada, globally, 2 dogs have died of suffocation due to the pet water dispenser. Customers can return their pet water dispensers […]

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The Lone Star Tick From Texas is Officially in Montreal, and it’s Not Good

Owning a dog or any other outdoor pet has gotten more and more challenging. The Lone Star tick from Texas is one problem that needs to be addressed, and quick. It’s all thanks to climate change, even though there are many deniers. The fact remains that everything is changing because the climate has changed. It […]

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Montreal Dog Festival Returns this Summer – It’s Time for Dogs to Have their Day!

For the third year now, Montreal will host the Dog Fest in the summer! (Wo)man’s best friend is being celebrated over two days in August. The 2018 Montreal Dog Fest is a celebration for dogs and owners. Everyone is included here. Read also: 2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival Schedule for this Summer is Here & We’ve Got […]

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Montreal Pit Bull Owners Feeling the Heat Again as New Laws Could Ban Aggressive Dogs

Pit Bull ban may return to Quebec province with new regulations and then some! Mayor Valerie Plante’s move to remove the Montreal pit bull ban may be reversed. The Quebec government is reviewing the Bill 128, which could produce stricter animal control law across the entire province. Montreal Pit Bull Ban Becomes Quebec Pit Bull […]

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Dog Dies on Flight After Owner was Forced to be Placed in Overhead Bin!

United Airlines has some explaining to do, and then some. They’ve had some bad publicity over the last couple of years, but this is really over the top. The “smart” flight attendant on the flight from Houston to New York ordered the dog owner to place the animal in the overhead bin. See also: UFO Sighting […]

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It’s Official: Pit Bull Ban Dead on December 20, Dog Owners Celebrate!

The Coderre administration’s controversial bylaw known as the pit bull ban, which also bans other “dangerous” breeds is to die on the 20th of December. The Plante administration has made it official – Pit Bull ban dead on arrival before the end of the year. Regulations for such dogs would remain in place, however, Montreal […]