CAQ Places English Montreal School Board Under Trusteeship

English Montreal School Board

The English Montreal School Board, or EMSB has been officially placed under trusteeship by the Quebec Government.

The Education Minister, Jean-Francois Roberge of the CAQ has accused the EMSB of mishandling of funds, like for purchasing jewellery and alcohol with their $350 million budget.

The board also been accused of rewarding contracts unethically.

On the other hand, the EMSB is accusing the CAQ Minister of Education of leaking bits and pieces of the report to the media for their own political reasons and to discredit the school board.

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Is it possible that the CAQ is using the school board to justify the abolishing of school boards? That’s what the EMSB thinks.

They also think that the CAQ is doing this because in retaliation, since they’ve challenged Bill 21.

The English school board never even had a chance to respond to any of the allegations.

Once the trusteeships is announced officially, the council of commissioners will be suspended.

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