Capture the Magical “Shanghai Road” at Flyjin’s 5th Anniversary Today!!!


Montreal is home to many spots that are must-visits when it comes to shooting the perfect Instagram shot. One of the best places to satisfy your inner photographer is a specific alleyway behind Old Port’s Flyjin.

So, what makes this spot one of the most unique photo experiences?

Part of its magic lies in the fact that it’s only lit up for special occasions, which means you need to plan your picture. Flyjin’s owner wanted to recreate a festive Shanghai road right here in Montreal – mission accomplished, wouldn’t you say?

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Get ready because your next photo opportunity is approaching with the occasion of Flyjin’s 5th anniversary. The alleyway will be lit for just one night with a special installation to be unveiled.

Don’t miss out on this fun event, there will even be Montreal DJs including Laurence Matte and DJ Abeille to keep the party going. The event will take place on May 17, 2018 at 10 PM at Flyjin.