Cap-Saint-Jacques Beach and Nature Park – A Montreal Beach Right on the Island!


Talk a Sunday walk to Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park and you’ll see that the site at Montreal’s northwestern tip is a beautiful feast for the eyes. (Photo: @Plage du Cap Saint Jacques/Facebook)

This largest park in the network and it’s surrounded by shoreline! You can see breathtaking views of the Riviere des Prairies and Lake of Two Mountains, or Lac des Deux Montagnes in French.

You can even take your family for a swim at the sandy and natural Cap-Saint Jacques beach.

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When you’ve tired yourself out from swimming and enjoying various water sports, explore the rest of the park. The park is located on land that was once a private agriculture spot.

There’s even ecological farm with organic vegetables growing and animals like goats, sheep, donkeys, cows, and rabbits being raised on site. The sights of the wilderness around you will please your senses, whether you enjoy the forest, the ecological farm, the beach, or a picnic spot.

If you are really into all things natural, check out the Havre aux tortues and learn more about the environment. You can even get in some cross-country skiing at the Chateau Gohier. Make sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the sugar shack on weekends.

Access to the beach is free, so get your swimsuit on, however, there is a charge for parking. For details and more information, click the link to the city of Montreal website.

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