Canadiens Set New NHL Record for 2 Fastest Goals by a Team


On Thursday, the great Montreal Canadiens made history – again! The Canadiens set a new NHL record – they scored the fastest pair of goals by a team, just 2 SECONDS apart!

The season’s 5th and 6th goals came in the third period of the game against the Washington Capitals. And they weren’t just any two goals. They capped the comeback win!

We owe the win to Max Domi and Joel Armia. Domi scored at 19:38, marking the go-ahead goal. And for insurance, Armia scored his center ice, when the Capitals had pulled their goalie with only 22 seconds left on the clock.

Just to clarify the history about these two goals: there have been goals in other NHL games that were two seconds apart, but never by the same team.

The Montreal Canadiens goal set a new record on November 1, breaking the St. Louis Eagles’ record set in 1935 for the fastest two goals by one team, which was 3 seconds apart.