Canada-U.S. Border Might Stay Closed Until 2021 According to Doctor

flag of U.S.A. under white clouds during daytime

With the coronavirus numbers spiking again in the United States, the Canada-U.S. border might stay closed until next year! That’s what infectious disease specialist, Dr. Isaac Bogoch said as the United States records more than 50,000 cases cases each day, “unless something miraculous happens”.

Experts say that places that, til now, have been free from COVID could easily experience an outbreak.

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For instance, PEI and Nova Scotia have newly confirmed cases of COVID-19, which are suspected to be connected to a young man who flew from the United States to Halifax via Toronto and DID NOT SELF-ISOLATE.

In Canada, we now have less than 500 new cases per day. But if people travel from one highly infected area to another where there are no cases, new outbreaks can be expected.

And, if there was international travel, especially from “high-burden areas” like the United States, it could be devastating…read more