Canada Post Strike Could Hurt Holiday & Black Friday Deliveries


Processing plants all across the country are reporting a backlog of parcels waiting to be delivered. This is all thanks to the Canada Post strike by disgruntled employees that has left hundreds of trailers unmoved all across the Canada. The strike so close to the holiday season could hurt holiday and Black Friday deliveries.

The reports as at November 14 showed Canada Post plants in Vancouver and Toronto with 100 and 260 trailers, respectively, waiting to be unloaded.

With some of the biggest shopping days of the year being only a days away, the current situation is concerning for Canada Post.

There’s Hope to End the Canada Postal Strike

Consequently, Canada Post is tabling an offer to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers that they hope is significant enough to rectify the situation as this is currently the only offer the company states it can afford.

The current offer is worth approximately 650 million Canadian dollars and includes a 2% per annum pay increases, a 10 million dollar health, and safety fund.

The improved offer, however, is said to not be on the table for long, as the same expired, as it is only contingent on the current backlogs being cleared in time for the holidays. Who knows what’s next.

Should the situation remain as is, the current backlog coupled with the expected orders will result in a total mess.

Not only will Canada Post be in a pickle, but the Canadian retail economy would be at risk if more than half of Canada’s holiday parcel capacity is compromised,

a Canada Post representative stated.

The prolonged Canada Post strike has thus far shut down most of Manitoba and are currently affecting the provinces of Edmonton, New Brunswick, Victoria, and Ontario. And let’s not even go to the delays with Canada Post delivering weed!