Canadians Place 2nd Worldwide for Food Waste!


If you’re like most people, you hate wasting food. Would it shock you, however, to know that Canadians placed second in the world for food waste? It’s sad but true!

Here are the food waste facts:

Every year Canada wastes $31 BILLION of food!!!

The food waste in Canada generates 193 million tons of greenhouse gases!

It’s like throwing money out the window. More than that, there are starving people all around the globe. Food is too precious to waste.

Don’t think that the majority of wasted food in Canada comes from restaurants and other service industries. Instead, 46% of wasted food comes from Canadian homes. We’ll show you ways to reduce food waste.

How to reduce food waste and save money too!

Use vegetable scraps.

  1. Get creative with leftover vegetables by cooking with them and making unique, great-tasting omelettes.
  2. Stuck with tomatoes? Make a BLT sandwich. Or, cook tomato slices in a pan over medium heat until soft. Then, add them to your grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. Cucumber can be used in sandwiches too. It adds a refreshing flavor perfect with drier meats, like chicken breast or roast pork.

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Make lettuce last longer.

  1. Remove the core from the lettuce heads, no matter what type of lettuce.
  2. Wrap the head of lettuce or romaine lettuce in paper towels.
  3. Place lettuce in a sealed container.

Leftover Fruit?

  1. Got overly ripe bananas? Make banana bread. It’s easy and delicious.
  2. Apples not fresh enough to eat as a handy snack? Make applesauce! Make apple cake or apple pie.
  3. Raspberries and blueberries not firm enough? Make a smoothie.

There’s an easy idea for all fruits and vegetables to be saved. Just get creative.

Cut down your wasted groceries

The best way is to reduce the amount of groceries you buy. Instead of buying a prepackaged bag of bell peppers, buy produce individually – the right amount you are certain to eat before they go bad.

Common Canada, we can do better than that!

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