Calèche Owners and Montreal Going to War


He’s the owner of over 12 horses and carriages and he’s ready to fight Montreal for his way of life.

Luc Desparois recently filed an injunction against the city trying to stop the ban on calèches.

As it stands, the new Montreal bylaw will go into effect on January 1, 2020, banning calèche operators from using horses that pull carriages.

Whatever permits exist will expire on new year’s day and won’t and can’t be renewed.

The city has given a year’s notice to operators so that they can transition into other employment.

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The reason for the bylaw: many incidents of horses collapsing or involved in accidents in the last several years.

The operators don’t agree, obviously.

“You say the horses are mistreated, you say it’s not good for the horse to do this? Give the proof, give me the proof tomorrow, I will stop doing this. I love my animals, I wouldn’t hurt them,” Desparois said.

They argue that it shouldn’t end as the Calèche rides in Old Montreal are tradition, dating back to the 19th century.

According to Global News, the injunction will be heard in a court later today.

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