Buy Canadian Products! Support Local Homegrown Businesses

buy Canadian products

If you’re looking for ways to buy Canadian products and avoid American products, we can help. Actually, a Canadian teen started a website to simplify it all.

For example, give up the Heinz ketchup and go for French’s instead. In the past, there weren’t many options for a great tasting ketchup, but now there is with the Canadian French’s Ketchup. It’s healthier and even better than Heinz.

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Canadians are upset and even really angry at Donald Trump’s tariffs imposed on Canada. It doesn’t help that the American president is also being disrespectful to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. So, many are boycotting American products.

Tyler Campbell can help you choose the Canadian products that are NOT always easy to spot. His website is: and it shows you which products are made in Canada – about 200 of them.

Read labels closely and if you have any other information on buying Canadian, send it their way so others can support homegrown companies and keep our money here.

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