Burger King Sued Over Vegan Burger


One of the latest trends in fast food is the move towards vegan options. However, it perhaps defeats the purpose somewhat if the food is cooked on the same surface as meat products.

So, a Burger King customer is suing the chain for meat contamination.

This is the key complaint of a Burger King customer, who ordered the chain’s Impossible Whopper. This special burger uses soy-based products instead of meat.

But, then it gets contaminated when the non-meat and meat products are cooked on the same surface.

The incident happened after customer Phillip Williams ordered Burger King’s new vegan-friendly burger in the drive-thru of an Atlanta restaurant, in August 2019.

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A lawsuit against the fast-food chain has taken the issue a step further. It’s being filed on behalf of all customers who have ordered the soy-based burger.

The lawsuit claims that it’s impossible for the burger to have absolutely no meat in it as it’s cooked on the same surface as a meat burger.

Burger King’s US website has a disclaimer aimed at those customers who are strict vegans, although that disclaimer wasn’t present when Phillips ordered his burger.

The Impossible Whopper is made by Impossible Foods, who also advised that customers should request their burger to be microwaved and not grilled, to prevent contamination.