Bought Any Films from iTunes? Apple Is Deleting Them without Refunds

Apple TV Streaming Service

Everyone says streaming is the future but how much ownership do you really have in that way? Not much to be honest. Still, physical media seems to be dead. But now, if you’ve bought any films from iTunes Apple is deleting them without refunds.

It’s no joke.

Even though you’ve bought films from iTunes, the reports, according to Forbes, is that you’ll lose them.

Customers are getting a message from Apple telling them that iTunes is merely a storefront, and so they, meaning Apple, are not to blame if studios decide to delete titles.

Some users did get a refund for the films that got deleted, although they had purchased them. But others did not!

In the end, Apple is telling its clients that if you buy movies on iTunes you don’t really own them.

Maybe you’ll decide to do it the old-fashioned way now and purchase physical media instead. Even Apple is confirming the message that the only way you own something – anything – is if it’s physically in your possession.