BIXI Plans To Offer “Winter Bikes” In Montreal

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Bixi Bikes had a record-breaking season this year, with more riders than in the past — over 258,000 people, meaning a 10% jump from 2016. This isn’t the only expansion they made this year!

They’ve also added an extra 80 docking stations and 1,000 new bikes. All of this has led them to think about making their rental service available throughout the winter months as well.

Currently, Bixi Bikes is considering the feasibility of renting bikes in Montreal throughout the winter. This is a service Bixi equivalents already offer in Toronto and Boston.

Montreal’s winters are quite different from in these cities because roads are dangerous for cyclists and the cold temperatures, icy winds and massive amounts of participation could damage the electronics in Bixi’s docking stations.

All of this makes it sound as though there’s a lot against them offering year-long service, this doesn’t mean they won’t still do it. The fact that the company is actually looking into the feasibility of this idea means that they are considering it — and just might do it too.