5 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Girls in Montreal


Planning a birthday party for a special girl? You can’t go wrong with these birthday party ideas for girls in Montreal. No matter which you choose, you can bet she and her friends will have a blast…

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Birthday Workshops

How sophisticated and creative! If you’ve got an artsy daughter up until the age of six, she will love having her birthday party at one of Canada’s most-visited museums. You can choose from a collection of themes for your daughter’s party. Themes include Artistic Treasure Hunt, Young Creators, and In the Mind of an Artist.


All museum birthday parties will take place in three parts. The first part of museum parties is spent on a tour through the galleries as kids engage in activities with a staff member. Activities include things like searching for clues on the Artistic Treasure Hunt. The second part of the party will allow kids to create their own art in a workshop. The third and final part has kids chowing down on the cake brought by parents.

A birthday party at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts runs for $275 for a maximum group of 3 adults and 15 kids.

Viva Vida Centre d’Art

The Viva Vida Centre d’Art welcomes children aged four and older for a three-hour birthday party of a theme of your child’s choice. Popular options include clay, jewelry-making, and graffiti art. You can even design a party around your kid’s favorite artist!


At the beginning of the party, guests will get a tour around the gallery that relates to the theme. They will then be able to create their own piece of art to take home. When the kids finish their projects, it’s time for food, drinks, and presents! Viva Vida offers the options of snack packages, cake, and pizza. Parents can also bring their own fruit and vegetable trays and cake.

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Parties at Viva Vida require a minimum of 10 children and coast $20 per child.

Club Enfants Fiesta

To give your daughter the full spa treatment, book a party at Club Enfants Fiesta. Parties include manicures, pedicures, and even facials. Your child will feel like a rockstar as she and her friends get makeovers with face and hair paint and temporary tattoos.

Club enfants & Fiesta/Facebook

Another option is a sweet party. Kids at this type of party will enjoy a candy bar, play lots of games, and decorate their own cupcakes.

Club Enfants Fiesta hosts a collection of different themed parties for children aged 1 to 13. Party rates start at $325 for as many as 8 children and 10 adults. Prices vary for the Basic, WOW, or Deluxe packages.

Basic packages generally include juice and popcorn, while the WOW and Deluxe packages offer options like fries and pizza.

My Studio Party

For music lovers, My Studio Party is a great choice. At My Studio Party, kids will be able to record a song after a studio engineer sets up equipment like microphones and amplifiers. Your kid will feel like a major star with the setup including a recording studio, red carpet photoshoot, plenty of accessories, and a special backdrop.

My Studio Party/Facebook

Kids will have fun dressing up, singing their favorite songs, and being recorded live! The party package includes photos, a special song mix, and more.

My Studio Party is the ultimate Pop Star birthday experience!


WIMGYM holds parties for kids aged 5 and up. Parties usually take place for 2 hours on Sundays only. One hour of the party is spent in the gym while the other hour takes place in the private party room.

While they’re in the gym, kids in groups of 5 or 6 will go on rotations through all the equipment. Equipment includes fun activities like rings, sponge pit, floor, beam, bars, and trampoline.

When the kids are tired out and hungry, they’ll make their way to the party room. Parents will have full access to the kitchen which has a fridge, microwave, and stove. It’s your responsibility to bring the foods, drinks, plates, cups, and cutlery, so get organized!