Bill Gates’ Secret Solar Breakthrough Can Save the Planet

solar breakthrough

Bill Gates is at the center of attention once again. The billionaire genius secretly put up the money to save the planet, along with another American billionaire. Their funding made this solar breakthrough possible.

A clean energy company named Heliogen says it basically built a solar oven.

It discovered how to use AI along with lots of mirrors so that it reflects an extreme amount of sunlight capable of generating 1000+ degree Celsius heat!

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That’s almost a quarter of the heat on the sun’s surface.

So, what’s the big deal?

It is a big deal! That’s because this solar energy is so concentrated that it can be used to make all kinds of things we humans need. Things like steel or glass or so many other materials we need in the industrial sector.

And that means that all these necessities can be made without carbon! No fossil fuels required.

Finally, we can use the sunlight to make all our things. It’s all clean energy.

This also means that there can be a world for our children and future generations.

The founder of Heliogen, Bill Gross, said to CNN Business:

“We are rolling out technology that can beat the price of fossil fuels and also not make the CO2 emissions. And that’s really the holy grail.”

Bill Gross

They promise that they can dramatically reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

It looks like artificial intelligence can help solve the climate crisis we’re facing.