Montreal Ranked as Best Student City in North America!

Montreal named the 4th best student city in the world

For young adults looking for an exceptional education along with numerous other factors, Montreal ranked as “best student city in the CONTINENT”

Looking for the right place in which to gain an education is a daunting task for most, especially since there are so many places to choose from. However, when it comes to North America, Montreal is number one.

This is according to the European-based platform, AppJobs.

The global report analysed numerous factors which would have an impact on a student’s experience, such as cost of rent, part-time job availability, entertainment, schools and more.

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Each city had the possibility of scoring 100 points depending on key factors.

The number one city in the world for students is Prague, in the Czech Republic. Globally, Montreal scored fifth overall.

Other best student cities topping Montreal are Moscow, Berlin, and Beijing.

Toronto made 13 on the list, while Vancouver settled for the number 20 position.

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