Best Poutine in Montreal – Restaurants & Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About It

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the food scene in Quebec is poutine. The official Canadian comfort food is always socially acceptable, despite being a classic casse-croutes or greasy spoon dish.

What Does Poutine Mean?

The dish originated in the Canadian province of Quebec. Poutine ingredients include French fries and cheese curds that are smothered in a delicious brown poutine gravy.

The next time you are in Montreal, you need to satisfy your junk food craving with one or two. Just make sure you order correctly. Ask for ‘poo-teen’ or ‘poo-tin.’

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Sudden Urge? Google Poutine Fries Near Me!

It only takes one taste to turn you into a lifetime fan. It has become so popular that it’s even sold in some US restaurants now. Not to mention that if you pop into McDonald’s or Burger King in Canada, you can get some on the side.

Poutine is spreading around the world fast, and Smoke’s Poutinerie is ready to take on the challenge.

Smokes Poutinerie aims to bring authentic Quebec Poutine around the world for people to enjoy, though there isn’t one currently in Montreal. The restaurant created twists on the traditional dish by adding fresh toppings, so everyone can choose a custom Poutine. Whatever your preference, whether it’s chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, or different sauces, there’s a Smoke’s Poutinerie recipe for you.

There are different ways to enjoy this comfort food, too! Like you can, from some of the best Montreal restaurants, enjoy a poutine pizza. It may not become a favorite of yours like the traditional dish, but you only live once!

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