Bedbugs Infest La Grande Bibliotheque – Montreal’s Biggest Library


The Montreal Grande Bibliotheque has been infested by bedbugs. If you are checking out a book from the library, be careful there are no bedbugs inside!

The infestation is bad and officials are trying to control the situation, although it isn’t the first time – 13 years ago they had another bedbug infestation. The last one was easily treated, and swiftly. This time, it seems the problem is bigger and more difficult to treat.

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Some library sections have been closed off to the public as exterminators scramble to beat these persistant bugs.

Plastic seats have replaced upholstered seating, but the infestation has spread to most of the building. Consider that about 7,000 people visit the library on a daily basis so one never knows what is brought in with them.