7 Common Bad Habits that WILL Age You – There’s Still Time to Change Your Ways


If you’ve noticed you’re looking a little older than you should, or you aren’t as energetic as you were, there are some tips that can turn it all around for you. And, the sooner you stop that bad habits that will age you, the sooner you’ll look and feel better.

What you need to do is listen to your body because it’s giving you signs. Maybe you always feel tired or achy, lack energy, or what have you. Here’s some advice to reverse aging…

Sedentary Lifestyle – Sitting is the New Smoking

A sedentary lifestyle will age you sooner than you can imagine. Doctors are saying that sitting is the new smoking, and we all know how bad smoking is for the body. So, get that exercise, either from going to the gym, using a treadmill at home, or getting a good brisk walk in your daily routine.

Not Getting Enough Good Sleep

There was never as much attention placed on sleep as there is lately. Doctors and sleep experts are pointing out just how important RESTFUL sleep really is. Are you getting good sleep? If not, there are lots of things you should try. First, make your bedroom a place to relax and rest. If you suffer from insomnia, just let your bedroom be just for sleeping, nothing else.

  • Make the room dark using room darkening blinds, for instance.
  • Achieve the most comfortable temperature in your room.
  • Invest in a good mattress that supports the body as best as possible. If a new mattress is out of the question, then maybe add a memory foam topper????
  • Definitely invest in the best pillow you can afford
  • Invest in high-quality bed linens.
  • Maintain a bed time EVERYDAY! The body and mind need sleep.

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Overusing Technology – Cut Down on Electronics Use

Too much time on computers and other devices makes you less productive. It can also lead to more stress and interfere with restful sleep. So, shut down devices before you even get into the bedroom and throughout the day, limit the amount of time you spend online. If you’re too stressed and not getting healthy, restful sleep, then you’ll feel terrible in many ways.

Not Drinking the Right Amount of Water

Drink, drink, drink. We’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again – you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, and more if you’re perspiring a lot. Hydrating is essential to looking your best. It definitely plays a role in how young or old you look. It’s like watering a plant!

Not Moisturizing the Skin Enough

We just talked about hydrating from the inside out by drinking water, but you also need to moisturize the skin. Use good quality creams and lotions every day. In doing so, you’ll have a more youthful appearance from head to toe and it will keep wrinkles away.

Chasing Fad Diets

Forget about fad diets – they’re bad for you. Instead, opt for a healthier lifestyle. Eat better, drink less alcohol, and get outdoor exercise (fresh air is really important). AND, allow yourself ONE CHEAT DAY each week. Like this, you’ll lose weight, feel more energetic, and look awesome!

Not Socializing Enough

Though we say not socializing “enough” many of us aren’t really socializing at all! We need that time to talk and laugh while being with people. Social media is NOT the answer – it’s the PROBLEM! Use your phone to call friends and arrange a meetup time where you can all get together and hang out. It’s so refreshing!

Be honest with yourself – these recommendations aren’t all that difficult. You can do it and once you do, you’ll love it.

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