Baby Elephant Rescues a Man She Believed was Drowning


To show that this baby elephant was extremely kind, a man working at a Thai elephant reserve pretended to drown. This is how it all went down.

The Elephant Nature Park that’s located in Chiang Mai in Thailand is home to this rescued baby elephant, Kham Lha.

The park worker, Canadian Darrick Thomson wanted to illustrate the strong bond between them, so he pretended to drown. As a result, his friend rushed to help rescue him.

Kham Lha unfortunately underwent some extensive cruel training at the hands of humans, so that she may work in the tourist industry.

And although she was mistreated in the past, she was shown a whole new way of life, filled with love. That love restored her faith in humans, which was demonstrated when Thomson simulated drowning.

It’s clear that she has forgiven humans and could now see that there are many more that could be trusted.

What an incredible animal!