Catch the Art Tattoo Show – The Biggest Tattoo Festival in Montreal Next Month

Montreal tattoo festival

Tattoo lovers listen up! The city is about to get really colorful and creative with the biggest tattoo festival in Montreal returning for the 16th edition in September.

The festival will join more than 100 artists from around the world to celebrate and promote the art of tattoos and its community.

There will be tattoo artists from Australia, Asia, the US, Europe, and Canada of course. Just looking at pictures of their work is enough to inspire you to make your way to the festival.

Tattoo Festival in Montreal
Myriams Fotos

The styles will range and include everything from realism to Japanese Tebori, as artists show off their skills.

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The festival will attract thousands of tattoo fanatics hoping for some new ink. Appointments and meetings with artists can be arranged the Art Tattoo Show Website.

Even if you’re not looking for a new tattoo at the moment, the festival has plenty to offer. There will be tattoo art exhibitions, workshops, and seminars for anyone looking to join the tattoo career field.

The festival has free entry and tattoo prices will vary depending on the project. Each artist will provide hundreds of flash designs that you can choose from on-site.

Tattoo Festival in Montreal

When: September 7 – 9,  Fri. 6 PM – 12 AM / Sat. 12 PM – 11 PM / Sun 11 AM – 7 PM
Where: Gare Windsor/ Windsor Station – 1160 Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal
Admission: Free

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