Two Americans Arrested for Butt Selfie at Thailand Buddhist Temple


What’s wrong with people today? Why do people feel they have to push the envelope all the time? These two Americans didn’t get nearly what they deserved in terms of punishment for their butt selfie!

butt selfie

Butt Selfie – The Latest Trend

The two men decided to expose their behinds and taking a selfie at the Temple of the Dawn in Bangkok. They thought it would be fun to post their creativity on their Instagram account, which is all about butt selfies from around the globe.

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Well, the authorities didn’t find it so funny. Travis and Joseph Dasilva, while at the Bangkok airport were arrested.

They were also fined for more indiscretions at – you guessed it – another temple in Bangkok. They arrest only resulted in a fine of approximately $154.

The police in Thailand also contemplated pressing further charges against the pair, including public nudity and indecency.

Tourists visiting foreign nations should understand the laws of the land before they engage in despicable behaviour, where they later plead for help from their government to save them from harsh penalties.

Remember the young American man who decided to steal and vandalize property in Singapore many years ago?

Michael Peter Fay was charged and sentenced to a lashing where a ‘ninja’ whips the individual with a bamboo cane. This is called caning. He was sentenced to 6 strokes of caning. Of course, with all the controversy, American officials had to step in and requested leniency. He got out with just 4 strokes.