Amazon Distribution Warehouse in Montreal Comes with Jobs

Amazon Distribution Warehouse Montreal

On Friday, Amazon declared it would be launching its first-ever Quebec-based dissemination depot in Lachine.

The company announced that the new site will generate 300 new full-time jobs and will commence operations before the 2020 festive season. There’s a reason to celebrate!

Staff members at the site will oversee packing and shipping goods to clients.

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Maja Vodanovic, the mayor of Montreal’s Lachine borough, stated that those were the jobs really needed in the area.

Montreal had initially offered up the space to Amazon in an unsuccessful attempt to get the company’s second headquarters to shift to the city.

However, a spokesperson for the borough later stated that it likely would be a commercial sector north of Highway 20.

Amazon has already set up identical centres in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. Employees there supposedly earn $16 per hour.

The company’s distribution depots have a controversial history, with employees grumbling about the tiresome work pace and meagre earnings, resulting in protests.

Accusations have arisen of Amazon Canada dismissing employees that have tried to unionize.

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