Alcohol Prices Going Up on April 1st

invasion cocktail festival 2019

Nope, it’s no joke, alcohol prices are going up on April 1, 2019, sadly.

Did you know that we Canadians pay the most tax on alcoholic beverages in the entire world! A whopping 80% of your bill at the liquor store are actually taxes!

It’s practically an annual event, this tax increase on alcoholic beverages from wine, to beer, and spirits.

So, unless Finance Minister Bill Morneau repeals this increase (at least to make things a little better for PM Trudeau in an election year), then we’ll pay even more.

Last year, the Federal excise duty revenues on spirits went up 17.8%.

It’s obvious that Canadian alchol producers want this escaltor tax to stop.

There are even online petitions to end this annual tax increase which are being circulated by the different alcoholic beverage industries.

Canada is making harder and harder for people to socialize while enjoying Canadian-made alcohol.

Go on and sign all the petitions to stop the annual escalator tax on alcohol.