Air Canada Ranked the Worst Airline in the World!


According to one of the latest reports, Canada’s biggest airline — Air Canada, has been ranked as one of the worst in the world.

The report was put together by JD Power, a consumer insights company. It consisted of two categories, which was to measure customer satisfaction with carriers flying from North America to Asia and Europe.

Air Canada was ranked the 9th worst airline out of 11 in the Asian category and came in at the 10th worst airline in the European category.

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This study was based on the input provided by 6,287 passengers for the months of September and October 2019. It was based on the satisfaction of passengers in the following nine categories:

  • cost and fees
  • in-flight services
  • flight crew
  • aircraft
  • check-in
  • immigration
  • boarding
  • baggage
  • reservations

Turkish Airlines ranked the highest of all carriers flying from and to Europe and North America, scoring 833. Virgin Atlantic scored 829, and Delta Air Lines and British Airways both scored 815.

The European average was 809, but Air Canada scored only 787, beating only the Norwegian Airlines, who scored a low 767.

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