Air Canada Asks Government to Ease Travel Restrictions

air canada

They’re asking the Canadian government to replace the quarantines and current restrictions with something more proportionate, according an open letter published to the airline’s website, which would result in a “measured restart of aviation.”

Air Canada points to other G20 countries allowing more travel, as in Europe and also a report by IATA, (International Air Transport Association) suggesting “evidence-based reasonable alternatives that would be better than the 14-day required quarantine of travellers.

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The letter continues to say that there have been almost no changes made to quarantine restrictions in Canada since they were initially put in place. And, these restrictions are weighing heavily on Air Canada and its staff.

According to IATA, only four cases of inflight transmission were suspected that involved passengers to crew. However, another four cases from pilot to pilot were reported, but there have not been any of passenger-to-passenger transmissions reported.

Meanwhile, Air Canada is not asking for the government to ease US border restrictions due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the United States.