Accused Sentenced in Quebec Woman Sweating Death


Chantal Lavigne, a 35-year-old woman, died during a personal growth seminar due to extreme sweating.

via CNN

For nine hours during the seminar, her body, along with all other participants, was plastered with mud, wrapped in cellophane and a blanket, and head covered with a cardboard box.

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This tragic death occurred in July 2011. All other participants attending the seminar also fell extremely ill. Seminar organizers Ginette Duclos, Gabrielle Frechette, and Gerald Fontaine, were found guilty in December 2014. They were sentenced in January 2016.

Frechette, the head of the seminar received a three-year prison sentence, whereas the other two received a two-year prison sentence.

The three co-accused appealed in Quebec Court, but the court refused their appeal and has ordered them to go to jail by November 17th for the Quebec woman sweating death. On behalf of the three-member appeals court panel, Justice Patrick Healy said that these sentences are arguably lenient.