7 Things Your Cat Would Tell You If She Could


Could you imagine a world where your cat could talk! These are 7 things your cat would tell you if she could.

1.You think you’re the boss, but I am. Unlike dogs, I make decisions as to when I want to be with you.

2. I enjoy my own space and I choose it. It’s really not my problem your beautiful sofa is covered in my hair.

3. Don’t push your kids on me. I like most of them but I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood to play with them. If I’m not, don’t get mad if I hiss and scratch them.

4. I’m not interested in a cat friend or cat sibling. I enjoy being the queen of our castle and I don’t want to share the throne with anyone.

5. No matter how you slice it, I’m finicky, so I want the best food there is. And, every morning, I want fresh water.

6. YOU chose to bring me into YOUR home. I had nothing to do with it, and yet, I love and respect you. So, show me the same love and respect.

7. Buy me something special that’s my very own so I can scratch it to my heart’s content. If it’s mine to do what I want with, then I won’t damage your beautiful sofa, your upholstered dining chairs, or your wool rug.