5 Year Old Boy Felt Like Spider-Man When He Did This


A Massachusetts father has been arrested after his five-year-old son was found with heroin in the classroom! The boy’s kindergarten teachers discovered the heroin when the boy told them he felt as invincible as Spider-Man after placing some of the drug in his mouth.

The boy’s father, 29-year-old Benny Garcia, reportedly became angry when teachers and law enforcement officials informed him of the incident at the Holyoke kindergarten.

Despite that, 170 bags of heroin were discovered when Garcia’s home was later searched — along with almost 40 bags of cocaine!

The same Spider-Man logo on the bag of heroin found at school was found on some of the bags retrieved from Garcia’s home.

Following the incident at his son’s school and the discovery of drugs in his home, Garcia was arrested. Even with all the evidence, he has pleaded not guilty to charges of endangering a child and being in possession of drugs.

Authorities have advised that Garcia’s five-year-old son is expected to have no ill-effects following this incident. However, child protective services have been informed.

Police officers admitted it wasn’t every day they dealt with a five-year-old fascinated by Spider-Man to this extent.