4 Smart Tips To Fight Hairballs in Cats


Hairballs are a nightmare for self-cleaning cats. Through cleaning, they ingest fur that just can’t go through the digestive system. Instead, it comes back the way it went in. The first line of defence is giving your cat treats designed to help with hairballs. Here are some other tips to help cats with hairballs.

1 – Change the meal plan.

Look for higher fibre formulas that are made to control hairballs. These types are available in wet or dry options. If you’re not sure, call your veterinarian for any suggestions. Don’t be hasty when switching the old and new foods! Do this gradually.

2 – Give your cat a hairball supplement.

A hairball supplement may be easier to give your cat instead of changing his diet entirely. You can choose from certain supplements that are able to be mixed in with your cat’s food.

3 – Start brushing and don’t stop!

Not all cats like being brushed, but some do. The brush is not only a more efficient grooming tools in your cat’s tongue, but it will save your cat from ingesting all that hair.

4 -Try interrupting your cat’s excessive grooming habits.

A little distraction can go a long way with your cat’s excessive grooming habits. When you see him grooming himself, approach him to cuddle or play.