You’ll Soon Have 360° Views of Montreal from Saint Joseph’s Oratory

Credit Saint-Joseph

Saint Joseph’s Oratory is about to undergo huge renovations to update its reception centre and restaurant for a better user experience.

A budget of $80-million is set aside to improve the iconic landmark on Mount Royal, which receives about 2 million visitors annually.

Seventeen guests will have access to the top of the dome at a given time. It will become Montreal’s highest views when completed in 2020.

You can even follow the progress of the renovations daily! New photos are updated several times a day.

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Major works are being done to make Saint-Joseph’s Oratory a better place to visit, like with the new pedestrian area on the welcome pavilion’s roof. Five new bells are to be added to the already 56 bells.

A new public work of art will be installed. Less road traffic and more pedestrian spaces will be added to the site.

The incredible new observation tower will be accessed by an interior spiral walkway from inside the dome.

Check out this video to see what the Saint Joseph’s Oratory renovations are meant to look like:

For more information: Saint-Joseph’s Oratory

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