2020 Indie Culture Fest is Back and It’s Live

2020 indie culture fest

This has been a hard year for Montreal (and the world) for lots of reasons. One of them is because we never got our much anticipated festivals that Montrealers have been spoiled with. It’s a way of life for us, so it’s great to see that organizers are finding ways to bring them to us once again. One of them is the 2020 Indie Culture Fest!

Who hasn’t missed the Jazz Festival? Or all those amazing food festivals? Osheaga? Just For Laughs?

Because of the pandemic, Quebec banned all festivals until the end of August. We have had some form of festivals thanks to the creativity of organizers who tried to maintain some presence.

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2020 Indie Culture Fest Returns

But, this time, POP Montreal is bringing back festivals that are designed specifically for COVID-19. Now, they’re back with some online shows, but also some live ones!

Music is coming back to Montreal with the 19th edition of the 2020 Indie Culture Fest. And it won’t just be online.

In fact, POP’s real live events will take place from September 23 thru September 27 at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal’s Mile End and some other venues for about 25 performances.

Of course, these POP Montreal events are a completely Canadian lineup as international acts are not currently touring. Check out the artists.

Backxwash – mind-blowing metal rap  –  Saturday, Sept 26 – Theatre Rialto 

Lido Pimienta – ecstatic electric cumbia –  Saturday, Sept 26 –  Theatre Rialto 

Flore Laurentienne – cinematic orchestral bliss – Friday, Sept 25 – Theatre Rialto  

Plants & Animals  – plants make jazz – Saturday, Sept 26 – Le Ministère 

Land of Talk  – stream of consciousness rock – Thursday, Sept 24 – Theatre Rialto

Socalled – basement jam – Saturday, Sept 26 – secret venue

Thanya Iyer – pizzicato jazz pop– Friday Sept 25 – Theatre Rialto  

Paradis Artificiel –  experimental electronic pop Saturday, Sept 26 – Theatre Rialto  

Clerel –  classic R&B – Friday Sept 25 – Theatre Rialto  

Tyleen – hip hop swagger – Friday, Sept 25 – Theatre Rialto  

Antoine Corriveau – the dark prophet of French folk-rock – Friday, Sept 25 – Ursa

The final shows are TBA only after the September Labour Day weekend. Click the link to the POP Montreal website for more information.