2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival Schedule for this Summer is Here & We’ve Got It!


If you love the look and sound of fireworks (who doesn’t), then surely you know all about Montreal’s annual pyrotechnics competition, L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. Countries from around the world light up our skies every summer in this world-renowned competition. Every year the competition is special, but the 2018 Montreal fireworks festival is going to be more impressive than ever before.

It is the only one of its kind in the entire world and La Ronde is preparing to present the 34th edition of the fireworks competition from July 7th to August 8th.

The Opening

The festival will start with a tribute to ABBA, one that invites you to relive the pop-disco era of the 70s and ends with a nod to James Bond in the grande finale.

2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival

The opening is going to be bright and colourful as Montreal’s night skies light up to the famous sounds of the Swedish group ABBA, like Fernando, Chiquitita, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, and so many more. It’s definitely going to be a fun night for both music lovers and fireworks enthusiasts.

In between the opening and the finale is the actual competition featuring some of the world’s best and most popular pyrotechnic artists.

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Here’s the collection of themes that will be explored through fireworks during the festival:


Austria is first up on July 11 with their “Let’s Dance” theme. It explores the world of dance and how it allows us to express our emotions and remains etched in our memory from the tango to Chubby Checker’s twist and Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog, as well as John Travolta‘s famous dancing to Stayin’ Alive and of course, Michael Jackson‘s moonwalk.


China puts on their show on July 14, entitled the Butterfly Lovers – recounting the tragic love story of the Chinese Romeo and Juliette, the Romance of Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) et Zhu Yingtai (祝英台). It will feature dramatic colours and melodies to that tell the story of the lovers’ emotions.


Canada’s July 18th theme is the Immortals. It sends viewers on a musical journey that pays tribute to legendary musicians that have passed recently but have left us with music that will lives on forever. The 30-minute show will feature Tragically Hip, Leonard Cohen, Prince and other big names that left their mark.

2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival

The Philippines

The Philippines is set to compete on July 21 with their theme, Of Games and Thrones that’s sure to amuse all spectators, especially gamers and movie enthusiasts. Fireworks will light up the skies to themes from popular video games, like Super Mario and Angry Birds. They’ll also thrill sci-fi movie fans with music from The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more!

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The United States

United States: Rock Loves…Redux! is the pyromusical show to dazzle the crowd on July 28. Creative fireworks will shoot into the sky to the sounds of The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, Cold Play, and more.


Australia’s Shapeshifter theme is inspired by fiction and mythology on Wednesday, August 1. It is all about the magical transformation of a creature altering its physical shape, as will the pyrotechnics Shapeshifter show. The shapes and lights is sure to be a dazzling display in the night skies.

The Finale

The Finale’s theme on August 8 is For Your Eyes Only, from the James Bond movie. The incredible pyrotechnics show is inspired by everyone’s favourite British spy. The production will feature songs from top artists like Tina Turner, Adele, Paul McCartney, Madonna, and the list goes on. Travel through time from the 1960s to today with some of Bond’s most renowned adventures at the Finale des Étoiles Loto-Québec!

Good to Know about the 2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival

The fireworks start at 10 PM and the show goes on rain or shine.

Of course, the best place to watch the fireworks is from La Ronde over Dolphin Lake and in the sky. Tickets are available to purchase, and when you do, there’s a bonus! You get access to all the rides at the amusement park all day, and then you get to watch the fireworks later in the night!

2018 Montreal Fireworks Festival

But, you can also make your way to Old Montreal and walk over to the clock tower. You’ll still get a good enough view, but bring a blanket or chairs to sit on while you enjoy the show.

Check out the full program and get your tickets here!