New $2 D-Day Coin Honors Brave Canadians

d-day $2 coin

A new toonie to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day and honors our brave soldiers will soon be launched by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The $2 D-Day coin commemorates the Canadians who landed in Normandy, France 75 years ago. In a collaborated effort with the Allied forces, our soldiers helped free Western Europe.

Everything You Need to Know About the $2 D-Day Coin

The commemorative coin designed by Alan Daniel, was unveiled in Moncton, New Brunswick at the Moncton Garrison, which was home to the 37 Brigade of the North Shore Regiment. Moncton Garrison was one of the 13 Canadian regiments that landed at Juno Beach in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

The flip side of the coin depicts the soldiers’ anticipation as they approached Juno Beach.

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Three soldiers look on from their landing craft, with the words “D-DAY/LE JOUR J” engraved above their helmets.

The air and naval operations are illustrated in the outer ring of the $2 coin, with engravings of airplanes and ships.

REMEMBER/SOUVENIR” are the words engraved at the bottom of the coin on both sides of the 2019 date.

Only 3 million D-Day coins will be minted. Two million of them will feature some color.

The special coins are currently entering general circulation and we should start seeing them appear in our change soon.

In addition to the 75th anniversary D-Day coin, the Mint will also be offering other collector products, like 15,000 rolls of colored coins, 1/4 oz. fine silver collector coin with a $3 denomination, a six-coin set featuring both the colored and non-colored $2 D-Day coin and the current coins of Canada, and more!

When you get your hands on one or more of these special toonies, be sure to hold on to them.

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