100% Increase in 5-Year Travel Bans for Canadian Entering US!

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There’s been a 100% increase in 5-year travel bans for Canadians entering US! Supposedly nothing’s changed in policy, according to border authorities, but the number of travelers banned from US has doubled in one year!

The data is clear, according to CBC News which states that from October 2018 and September 2019, 616 travellers were banned from enter the US from Canada, by land.

In the previous year, there were 312 removals.

Immigration lawyers say that, in the past, travellers denied entry were just denied entry. Now, they are given 5-year-bans. All border agents have to do is suspect something, like you being sneaky.

The US Customs and Border Protection, CBP has no explanation to give for the dramatic increase in 5-year-bans.

According to the news outlet, many lawyers believe it is a result of the tough immigration stance by the US President that could be influencing northern border officers.

Meanwhile, Canadians made 25 million round-trips by car to the States from January to September 2019. That’s gone down by 3.6% from the same period in 2018.

According to some lawyers, innocent people are being banned from entering the US. They aren’t criminals, although they might not have the right documentation.

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One Quebec native, Stephane Colle, who studied and earned not 1 but 2 master’s degrees in an American university was also banned for 5 years. He got banned because he requested a non-immigrant NAFTA professional (TN) work visa. That’s a visa that can be obtained at the border.

Colle had a job offer from an Iowa university and had the documentation they gave him when he got to the US border in Alberta.

The university got it wrong because “athletic trainer” wasn’t on the accepted professions list.

So, the CBP declared Colle an “immigrant without an immigrant visa.” And, that got him a five-year ban!

Of course he can (and will) fight it, but not before he pays thousands of dollars in legal and administrative fees. But, there is no guarantee that he’ll win.

In another case, one man didn’t have the right documentation and claims: “The border patrol officer even said to me … I believe that you genuinely didn’t know what sort of documentation you should have, but I have to bar you for five years.”

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