Montreal Celebrates Legal Weed with a First Ever Pot Fest



When you think about it, Montreal has a festival for just about anything and everything – and we absolutely love it.

A festival here and there fills up our schedules and gives us a ton of things to do in Montreal, and this one is new here and across Canada, for that matter. It’s meant to celebrate the legalization of pot.

Pot Fest Montreal
@Pot Fest Montreal/Facebook

For the moment, an official date hasn’t been announced, but we will keep you posted. It should be something fun since it’s being hosted by the same people who bring us the Lobster Clam Jam and other well-known Montreal festivals.

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The Pot Fest will definitely be fun, but also informative! Stay tuned to take part in it so that you’ll know everything there is to know about legal marijuana in Canada. With more than 50 businesses strutting their stuff, Pot Fest Montreal will definitely be a highlight of the summer.

If that’s not enough, there’ll also be chefs competing to create great marijuana edibles perfect for people who prefer eating their weed rather than smoking it. But, there’s so much more than that!

For more info: Pot Fest Montreal