You’re Going to Have Longer Paid Vacations in Quebec Just Like They Do in Europe


Because we’re worth it and because life’s too short!

When it comes to getting paid vacation as a full-time employee, countries like France, Italy, the UK, and Switzerland are ahead of the game. They give over 20 days of time off to employees.

Longer Paid Vacations in Quebec

So far, Canadian standards haven’t quite lived up to those standards, but that could all change with potential new labor laws.

Quebec Labor Minister Dominique Vien is exploring new laws which ‘would make life easier for individuals and families, as well as for employers.’

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Under the new legislation, workers would be eligible for three weeks of paid vacation following three years of employment. Right now, you have to wait five years before you can even think of a three-week paid vacation.

Longer Paid Vacations in Quebec

The laws would also allow employees to refuse shifts that are not posted five days in advance, which is such a good thing because so many employers often take advantage of their employees but that might soon end.

You may also be able to take longer leaves of absence in certain cases. It’s sounding better by the minute.