How Long Should You Nap to Get the Biggest Brain Benefits?

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People who sleep well are more refreshed, focused, and even more productive than those who sleep poorly. In addition to that, napping has proven to be hugely beneficial, but how long should you nap to get the biggest brain benefits?

Man, Sleeping Man, Nap, Napping, Male, Sleep


Napping will increase energy, improve your memory and your performance. If you find yourself feeling sleepy throughout the day, try to squeeze in a nap in your day.

Napping Benefits Down To The Minute

A 10 to 20-minute nap is known as a powernap. Powernaps provide a boost of energy and alertness. Being short in length means you stay in the later stages of sleep, so it won’t be difficult to get back to work. Powernaps should not exceed 30 minutes, as you may wake up feeling groggy. To get the best benefits from a power nap, try to fall asleep in a slightly upright position, as this will prohibit you from falling into a deep sleep.

A 60-minute nap will significantly improve your cognitive memory. This type of rest will help you to remember facts better. However, a longer nap may result in you waking up feeling groggy. The grogginess occurs because you experience deep sleep known as slow-wave sleep.

A 90-minute nap means going through an entire sleep cycle which will lead you to be more creative and will help your memory. A full sleep cycle includes REM sleep, which will avoid you feeling groggy upon awakening and instead, will leave you feeling refreshed.

A quick nap tip:

Avoid napping for a minimum of six hours before your bedtime.