Free Bixi Sundays Back in Montreal – A Great Way to Explore Montreal!

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Montreal’s Bixi is back and with it so are FREE Bixi Sundays. The popular bike-sharing service launched its 10th season this week. And, it’s expected to do even better than its record-breaking season last year!

Originally, Bixi only had 3,000 bikes in 2009 – its launch date,  and almost all the bikes were located in the downtown area. But now there are 540 stations all over the city, with a whopping 6,250 bikes available for renting.

It’s obvious, Bixi bikes are a hit in Montreal. Now if only the weather would cooperate.

Surprises for Montreal Bixi 2018 Users

While  the whole idea of Bixi originated in Montreal and then spread to other cites, Bixi has had problems in the past and even filed for bankruptcy protection.

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Seeing the popularity of the Bixi model among Montrealers, the city moved in and took over the service, and with great success. Close to 260,000 people used the service last year alone, jumping 10% from 2016. A part of the increase in ridership was a direct result of the Free Bixi Sundays.

So, Free Bixi Sundays are Back

Here are the days you can use Bixi bikes for free throughout the 2018 season:

  • May 27.
  • June 24.
  • July 29.
  • Aug. 26.
  • Sept. 30.
  • Oct. 28.

And to make Bixi even more appealing, the bike-sharing service offers discounts to full-time students as well as seniors with Opus cards that bear their photo. Plus, there’s a 10-trip package option that makes Bixi more economical. So get out there on any day or on FREE Bixi Sundays and explore Montreal.

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