Anniversary Celebration Kicks June Off With Free BeaverTails in Montreal


Hey Montreal, a favorite Quebec dessert is going to be celebrated in a big way. Looking for some free things to do in Montreal in summer?

Kick off the month of June with National BeaverTails Pastry Day! Get a FREE BeaverTail at the Montreal Old Port location, and other select locations across Canada on June 1.

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But, there are some conditions. For example, you’ll get a cinnamon and sugar dessert for FREE, only between 2 and 4 PM.

To continue their 40th anniversary celebration, all Canadian locations will serve a limited-edition BeaverTail Birthday Cake pastry with all the bells and whistles.

National BeaverTails Pastry Day

Where: 123 de la Commune Street East, Old Port Montreal

When: June 1 from 2 PM to 4 PM


Photo: @BeaverTails – Queues de Castor/Facebook

Free Things to Do in Montreal in Summer